The “business” cycle

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 22:58

I recently stumbled upon a startup, Fonolo – a web-app that lets you skip the phone menus when calling large companies. The need for this kind of an application is completely understandable in a place like US where you have to wait for 15-20 minutes to get to a human being when you call the customer care number of any big company.

It’s hardly been 3 months since I moved to the US, and I think I have experienced the worst “customer care” of my life. The companies in question include Chase, PSE&G, Comcast etc. My experiences with Chase totally deserve a dedicated blog post, which I will definitely write at some point in time.

Fonolo brings into my mind a question about how businesses evolve nowadays.
1) Some business minds get together, start a company.
2) Slowly as the company grows, the need for a good customer service through telephone increases.
3) As days pass by, you have to have more and more elaborate “customer care” menus on the customer care phonelines, and to “help” out customers reach the right people “easily”.
4) A time comes when innocent customers start getting pissed off because they have to spend 10-15 mins navigating those stupid menus when they exactly know whom they want to talk to, but your menu cannot take them there.
5) Some frustrated minds out of them get together, and start a company like Fonolo.
6) There you are! Go to step 2. Enjoy!

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