My first international birthday

Monday, August 24, 2009 9:59
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My birthday cake

My birthday cake

I turned 24 on 19th August 2009. And as is clear by the title of this post, there was something different about this birthday. Well, every birthday is special, but this was more so because it was my first birthday ever outside India.

As usual, the first birthday wish call came from my Mom. But again, this time it was different!

I had my Series 63 exam on the 18th, and it was around 2:40 pm when I came out of the exam. I saw on my cell that my Mom had called at 2:30 pm. It was unusual to get a call from my home at that time in the afternoon, but then I realized – 19th August had begun in India! I called back my Mom and she wished me :)

My flatmates got a cake in the night and we celebrated at midnight. The cake was really good.

I received calls at midnight from friends who are in the US as well as those in India. My orkut scrapbook (which I hardly use these days) received around 55 scraps that day, and my facebook wall (which I use a lot) got around 30 posts. I remember I used to check orkut very frequently and wish everyone who had a birthday, but I hardly log in even once a week now. I like facebook much more. Anyway, let’s not digress.

My colleagues from India and here wished me. The day was unusually busy and we could not go out in the evening anywhere because I came back home at around 10:30 pm. Well, the good thing is that makes it my most memorable birthday ever :)

PS : You might want to read about my other encounters with 19.

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