All for this one moment !

Friday, January 30, 2009 13:11
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The fire that wasn't

The fire that wasn't

Let me begin by conceding that this post comes almost a month later than when it should have. Partly because of the delay in getting the picture, partly because of some unforeseen problems with my website, etc etc.

As is visible in the picture, I, along with two of my friends am holding a bunch of wood-sticks. The place is Kashid Beach, a famous new year celebration spot near Mumbai. We left Mumbai at around 7 in the evening, hoping to make it there in time. I know, 5 hours is a long time for a 135 km journey. But, you know, Mumbai traffic doesn’t need an introduction. Despite all that, and some added hindrances by nakabandees on the highway, we managed to reach there, barely in time. It was sharp 2350 by my watch when we entered the Kashid Beach.

The view was amazing, a lot of people had gathered there to celebrate the new year, and we could see quite a few bonfires on. Fireworks were amazing and the environment was as serene as it can get. The tides were expectedly noisy and high.

Excitingly, we all caught hold of a local lakdi-walla who was doing the great job of lighting up bonfires for people. We found a decent place and the guy started assembling the wood-sticks. We were enthusiastic about it and gathered around it, clicking pics one by one. It was barely 1 minute to go for the new year and we were ready to light our fire. The kapur was in place, and the match stick was burnt.

But, the fire was not to be! In few moments a hawaldar came and dropped our wood-sticks as if he was playing a touch-and-run game. The match stick was left to burn itself to death. We were amazed! A 5 hour journey for this one moment, a moment that was not to be. But it was an experience in itself, and that too a great one.

We later learnt that as a part of the security procedures, the Mumbai police was ensuring that no sea-face will have any bit of lighting after midnight. Given the kind of terrorist attacks that have been rocking India in the past few months, the strict security measures were understandable. All beach shops were also asked to shut off lights and the whole area was totally dark.

The next day was great fun. I will now pen off and let the pics do the talking..


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  1. ishani says:

    January 30th, 2009 at 14:39

    nice new year Idea!


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