Sleepless after long…

Thursday, March 9, 2006 21:13
Posted in category Events, Opinion

This used to be a usual state I would find myself in after midnight upto last semester. But it has happened for the first time in this semester. And I am liking it! Its always fun to explore the night and feel it, how long it is, feeling that you actually have 24 hours in a day, feeling that you havent been more creative and productive throughout the day….

But all this comes at a cost. The next day becomes quite a challenge. Given that its a normal weekday, I need to be in the same state of mind tomorrow(I should say today as its already past midnight) as I am on other weekdays. This did not matter till the last semester, but this semester I have explored another joy – the joy of being normal. Being normal feels good.. real good. By being normal I mean having around 6-7 hours of sleep like ‘normal’ human beings do.

So its essentially a trade-off.. Either explore the night or feel good the next day. Choosing the first one is a preferred option on weekends.

The normal state of affairs with me is : Being nocturnal feels great at night but next day you curse yourself for spoiling the day. Lets hope for the best and a good day tomorrow(today)

And by the way, I am reminded.. Today is my mom’s birthday..
Happy Birthday Mom!

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