A Newfound Admiration!

Sunday, January 29, 2006 14:55
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“Thanda matlab Coca Cola!”

This was among some very different ad slogans I observed (and actually liked). I have always been a great fan of Coca Cola and have preffered Coke brands over all other cold beverages. So it was not something that shifted me from another drink to coke. But the slogan did sound different! And I thought who would have thought of this?

As a matter of fact, that was the time I started watching TV ads more to appreciate the creativity of the ad makers and less to appreciate the product being advertised. This change in my attitude will be attributed to this “ad guru” of India. You must have come to know by now who I am talking about. Needless to mention, none other than Prasoon Joshi.

And incidentally, this man shares my initials! :) .

And then came Hum Tum.

I was really really impressed by “Ladki Kyon…”, but never really tried to find out the lyricist’s name. Now that Rang De Basanti has come up so well, and far beyond expectations(both the movie and the songs), I could not help observing the lyricist’s name. And guess what? PJ Again!

This person has impressed! Seems he can create a slogan out of anything. I was researching more about him. This is what I found:


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